Hello Kitty Sweet Little Shops

Hello Kitty was a very exciting project because it utilized an internationally recognized girls brand to teach mathematics for a very young age group. We collaborated with Leapfrog’s team of curricular experts and designers to build a game system that would be entertaining while also delivering curricular content.

The fresh market environment seemed like a natural choices, allowing our team to pull from a large library of existing content to create floral bouquets, cupcakes, ice creams, fruits and other exciting treats. Players learned Estimation, Sorting & Classifying, Shapes, Numbers, beginning arithmetic. Content was managed using a cms so the same game would display questions of varying difficulty based on their current level, and would rank them up accordingly based on their success.

The most exciting curricular feature of the game was the chart reading component which we developed specifically for the game and was a fairly advanced concept for the target audience. The CMS was tunable such that playtesters were able to test the difficulty of the content and adjustments were made to ramp the content and mechanical difficulty accordingly. Iterations to the User Interface and interactions allowed for this game to be intuitive to the younger audience.

Players were able to traverse 5 days of themed content, with quests that guided them to help specific characters with tasks using the current day theme, or alternately had the choice to free play the activities they preferred. Games were designed to be entertaining and fun while also teaching the content, with non-curricular games focusing on creativity.