Leap Band

Having a proven track record of working closely with Leapfrog's app team we were selected to collaborate with their toy devision to create an interactive experience for their LeapBand, an activity watch. The LeapBand would syncronise data from the watch to their servers and transfer data to an app we developed for their Leapfrog devices as well as iOS and Android.

We were responsible for creating the assets used on the band, and designing the pet care minigames that were implemented on the small hardware device. To aid our development pipeline we created prototypes and art tests utilizing our experience with Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. This allowed us to create engaging activities and vibrantly colored characters that would work well with their technical limitations.

The Petathlon games app synced with their server transfering the player's progress and reward points to the game which they could spend to boost their performance in a variety of sports themed minigames.