Wheel of Fortune

1st Playable adopted Wheel of Fortune after the core initial development (iOS, Amazon and Google) and was tasked with overhauling the user experience, supporting a new platform in the Amazon Fire Phone (along with unique features), as well as adding support for the Chromecast to allow players to play on their TV by themselves or multiplayer with others who also had the app locally. This was done all while continuing to support the iOS, Amazon and Google platforms including new OS updates and the jump to 64 bit support for iOS.

 Wheel of Fortune was developed in Unity and because of the early version of Unity the game was originally developed in, support for these platforms required native plugins to be used to tie in to the unique features or SDKs that may be required for each platform. Working with native code is something we are familiar with and we were able to jump in to work in this environment. For Wheel of Fortune this meant expanding support to over 10+ native plugins for various platforms, such as: Twitter, Adjust, Flurry, Facebook, Swrve and more.

 For the Fire Phone, we were a launch partner and were given access to early alpha/beta SDKs as well as a prototype device to work with during development. We were able to not only add the Fire Phone as a separate target platform but also create several unique features for that phone that utilized mechanics that are only possible with the Fire Phone such as Dynamic Perspective and Active Widgets.

For Chromecast, we were once again a launch partner for Google’s games initiative which was the first time the Chromecast was to be directly integrated into games using an entirely new SDK. We were given access to early development SDKs along with regular discussions with Google on the planned integration, development questions as well as to help define the style guide and user experience for this new area. Along with creating a unique experience that utilized both the phone and the TV screens we also created an entirely new multiplayer mode using the Chromecast which allowed devices (regardless of their OS) that connected to the same Chromecast to play a game of Wheel of Fortune together using their phones as well as the TV screen for combined gameplay.