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Forklift Faceoff

Forklift Faceoff, brought to you by Plug Power Inc.


The Mission: How many pallets can YOU collect before time runs out?


Alternative energy is changing how goods are being moved around the world. In Forklift Faceoff, you test your skills and the prowess of your zero-emission vehicle as you first drive a fuel cell-powered forklift and then one powered by batteries along the same course, picking up and delivering pallets of goods to the supply doc, moving products around the facility as you encounter real-world situations and challenges. The goal is to move six pallets in under two minutes, first using a fuel cell-powered truck and then with a conventional battery-powered unit. Based on real-lift data, how well can you perform when tasked with moving goods as efficiently as possible?


Here’s what you may notice during the game:


- Power. Fuel cell-powered vehicles operate at 100% power as long as there is fuel in the tank. Battery-powered vehicles degrade, causing the vehicle to run slower between battery changes or charges.


- Downtime. The fuel cell can be refueled much faster than the battery recharges.


- Pallets moved. The fuel cell-powered vehicle is proven to result in an increase in fleet productivity. For high-asset utilization applications, like that seen in multi-shift distribution applications, full power vehicles with little downtime results in a more productive workforce.”

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Forklift Faceoff
  • Audience: Age 4+
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Partner: Plug Power Inc.
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