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Moshi Monsters: School of ROX

Rock out with the Moshi Monster Band, and use math skills to put on a great performance! Answer questions correctly to boost the Moshimeter and get more Monsters on stage. The bigger the band, the better the show! Earn ROX and then play Moshling Match to unlock videos and adorable Moshlings. Make sure the Moshimeter stays stocked to maintain a full band and keep the concert energy high!

For the world of Moshi Monsters, we created a fast-paced game for kids to practice foundational mathematics skills. Building fluency in these skills can help kids focus on the more complex parts of problems they will encounter in later mathematics.

Moshi Monsters: School of ROX
  • Audience: Ages 5-8
  • Platform: LeapFrog Tablets
  • Partner: LeapFrog Enterprises
  • LeapFrog