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Elena of Avalor: Wings Over Avalor

Every young Jaquin born in Vallestrella dreams of passing the Guardian Test so they can protect the realm of Avalor. Princess Elena has chosen you to help train the next generation of noble guardians. Choose eggs to hatch into your own Jaquins, make sure they are happy and well-fed and then take them out on adventures to hone their skills in Strength, Intelligence, Reflexes, and Agility so they can pass the Guardian Test! Play two training minigames and then come back to visit your Jaquin in the nest, feeding and playing with it in a Nurture mode.

For Wings Over Avalor, we pioneered building a 3D webGL game within Disney’s Watch app series. The game was developed to work in a Cocoon wrapper, and various technologies were examined before building the final product in PlayCanvas. As this is a web engine, we created a system of timed automatic and manual backups of the web build, adapting our internal build tech to create a running archive of the game as built in the web editor. To create double the Jaquin variants and offer more in-depth gameplay we applied skeletal animations layered over the Jaquin models, resizing and re-proportioning them to create new ages; players can follow a Jaquin as it goes from Hatchling to Baby to Young to Adolescent, and ultimately to the newest Guardian of Avalor!


Elena of Avalor: Wings Over Avalor
  • Audience: Ages 4-13
  • Platform: 3D WebGL
  • Partner: Disney