Experienced and Passionate.

We are a group of idealists who love what we do and are committed to showing how a small company can make a big impact. We're here to make great games, and to help others do so too: working with our partners, educators, and community members. Our years of experience working together really shines when we tackle aggressive deadlines, new technology, or unique applications. Fans of pop culture, we take delight in immersing ourselves in a new brand or movie world; we're also science geeks, and education advocates, and animal lovers, and ... pretty much any topic you bring to us will find some set of people genuinely excited to have a chance to delve into it.




Our artists are amazing! Creative and inventive, they call on their experience to make sure the game looks fantastic while still fitting within memory and time constraints. Diversity extends to art style: our team can lead creative development and definition for new applications and emerging brands, or stay true to an existing art style. 2D? 3D? VR? They have it covered!



Designers at 1P are the epitome of the Renaissance ... person! Whether designing for purely entertainment, or for educational or other outcomes, they hone in on game mechanics which engage the intended audience, ranging from toddlers to seniors: our playtesting room is always busy!  Always ready to try a new idea, or abandon one that isn't working, they create dozens of prototypes and inspiring "designer art" sketches. And then play the game constantly until it's ready to ship!



It might be under the hood, but our software and technology is the secret sauce for our games. Our programmers are fluent across platforms and game genres, and always testing the latest in technology and techniques. Their infrastructure and agile processes enable our designers and artists to achieve ambitious goals on timeframes ranging from weeks to months. Tell them something is impossible? Just try to keep up with the burst of Slack threads about how it really can be, has been, totally is, doable.


Tobi Saulnier - Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of 1st Playable Productions, Tobi Saulnier leads our studio in the creation of unique, ground breaking, and awesome games. A technophile at heart, she started her career in R&D in embedded and distributed systems at General Electric Research and Development, where she also led initiatives in new product development, software quality, business strategy, and outsourcing. An upstate NY native, she earned her BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She's passionate about social entrepreneurship and the challenges of creating a community-centric local small business that can be sustainable in an aggressive global market.

Also, she has goats.

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