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Shift: The Next Generation

Every year 30,000 patients die unecessarily after injury. Appropriate triage of patients (ensuring that the right patients reach the right level of care) reduces preventable deaths. Shift: The Next Generation is game designed to teach ER doctors better heuristics to decide which patients to send to the trauma center.

How to Play

 Determine whether patients should be transferred or not transferred. Each level contains pairs of cases which all relate to a decision principle.

• Compare cases side by side. Find the clues that make cases similar or dissimilar. Then, submit the clues that show how each patient's transfer decision was related.

 Your challenge: review these cases and determine why both patients were or were not transferred to a trauma center.

 Determine the decision principle for that pair of cases to win the level!

Shift: The Next Generation
  • Audience: ER Doctors
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Partner: NIH, University of Pittsburgh, Schell Games
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