Imagicard Series

For our partner LeapFrog we created a series of 4 Augmented Reality titles:

  • Paw Patrol
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Letter Factory Adventures
  • Blaze & The Monster Machines


These games were built utilizing an AR engine that we developed which was built on the core of the OpenCV library. Taking this core element and significantly improving on it we were able to come up with a robust system for recognizing cards using the relatively simple cameras available to us in the LeapForg devices.

We created a test database of over 2,000 photos in varying lighting conditions to continually analyze our tweaks to the algorithm to verify our changes without needing to rely on a large amount of QA for each tweak. We built a framework to allow the use of the AR engine in various scenarios in gameplay for the series so that games could utilize AR in several ways (full-screen, slide-in and fully-embedded). We also were able to improve the recognition process in a crucial way by using live video for analysis and recognition in-place of a single image; this allowed recognition to occur without any need for user interaction other than simply pointing the device at the cards to recognize them.