The Fiscal Ship

1st Playable worked with the Hutchins Center at Brookings and the Serious Games Initiative at the Woodrow Wilson Center to develop and implement a design that brings this complex topic to players across a wide demographic — the American people. To accomplish this we used rapid prototyping and iterative design practices with focused testing to inform gameplay decisions. The Fiscal Ship is playable within PC, Mac, and mobile browsers using HTML5, and integrates social network services for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

1st Playable developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) allowing field experts to create and adjust the game’s content during development and after launch using familiar tools from Google, ensuring a long lifetime of regular content updates. A custom AWS service stack was built to host the game and CMS, and connect the game to its NoSQL databases and S3-hosted content on the CDN and Cloud. The game integrates Google Analytics and a custom clickstream recording solution for anonymous game session data aggregation for analysis.