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Imagine Cheerleader

Show your school spirit by becoming a cheerleader! Use the stylus to perform different cheers, kicks, lifts, and a variety of routines that will get the crowds pumping and inspire your team!

Be a Cheerleader - Make a difference for your school and lead your team to victory through an inspiring show of support!

Team Cheer - All moves are cooler when more people are doing them, and more moves can be performed with each new cheerleader!

Challenge Mode - Test your skills against a variety of opponents, from school cliques to unexpected challengers like pirates!

Get Customized - Shop for uniforms, accessories, and more using credits earned during play.

Replayable Mini-Games - Earn credits for purchasing unlockables in a series of fun activities such as bake sales!

Imagine Cheerleader
  • Platform: Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi
  • Partner: Ubisoft